Aby Warburg 150. Work. Legacy. Promise. (Dia 1)

Conference Programme
Monday 13 June – Film screening at the Warburg Institute

11.00 – 12.30
Screening of Aby Warburg: Metamorphosis and Memory (60 minutes. 2016), a film by Judith Wechsler. Judith Wechsler will be present at the screening and will lead a short discussion after the film.

Tickets for this session are now sold out.

Monday 13 June – Conference proceedings at UCL Institute of Education
14.00   Registration

14.30   Welcome: David Freedberg: Aby Warburg and the Future of the Humanities

                  Session 1

14.45   Lorraine Daston: Exempla and the Epistemology of the Humanities

15.20   Andreas Beyer: Serendipity and ‘Gute Nachbarschaft’

15.55   Tea

16.15   Sigrid Weigel: Warburg’s Reading of Darwin

16.50   Christopher Johnson: Warburg’s ‘Zwischenraum’: Between Hieroglyph and Diagram

17.20   Martin Warnke: The Long Road of Warburg’s ‘Snail’

18:00   Respondents: Jost-Philipp Klenner and Peter Schwartz

18.30   Reception

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