Aby Warburg 150. Work. Legacy. Promise. (Dia 2)

Martes 14 de Junio

9.00     Registration

             Session 2

9.25     Peter Miller: ‘Kulturwissenschaft’ before Warburg

10.00   Horst Bredekamp: Warburg, Berlin, the Middle Ages

10.35   Elizabeth Sears: First Contact: Panofsky meets Warburg

11.10   Coffee

11.30   Quentin Skinner: Hobbes’s Leviathan Frontispiece: Some New Observations

12.05   Carlo Ginzburg: Aby Warburg: Morphology and/or History

12.40   Respondents: Philipp Ekardt and Joacim Sprung

13.15   Lunch

            Session 3

14.15   W. J. T. Mitchell: Method, Madness, Montage: Aby Warburg to John Nash

14.50   Frank Fehrenbach: Grisaille. The Life and Death of Images

15.25   Tea

15.45   Andrea Pinotti: Variations without Theme: Warburg and the Morphology of the Neutral

16.15   Claudia Wedepohl: Genesis without End: Warburg’s ‘großes Buch’

16.45   Robert Darnton: How did Books Reach Readers in Eighteenth-Century France?

17.15   Respondents: Hans Christian Hönes and Giovanna Targia

17.45   Close

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