Aby Warburg 150. Work. Legacy. Promise. (Dia 3)

Miercoles 15 de Junio

9:00        Registration

                  Session 4

9.20        Georges Didi-Huberman: Discharged Atlas: Uprising as ‘Pathosformel’

9.55        Uwe Fleckner: Aby Warburg’s ‘Manet and Italian Antiquity’ as Psycho-Intellectual Self-  portrait

10.30     Anke te Heesen: Exhibitions: The Cultural-historical Turn of the 1970s

11.05     Coffee

11.35     Kurt W. Forster: The Past in Gestures, the Future in Memory. The Leipzig Circle     of Physiologists and Warburg’s Construct of mneme

12.10     Respondents: Gerhard Wolf and Linda Báez Rubí

12.50     Lunch

                  Session 5

14.00     Ulrich Raulff: ‘Nachleben’. A Warburgian Concept and its Origins

14.35     Marina Warner: Stepping beyond Words: Narratives on the Move in Times of Conflict

15.10     Tea

15.40     Martin Treml: Warburg´s ‘Bilderatlas’: A Tool for the Study of the History of Religion

16.15     Cornelia Zumbusch: ‘Physik des Symbols’. Aby Warburg and the Energy of Art

16.50     Summing up: David Freedberg

17.30     Close

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