NAFA 2014 will be June 4-8 in Ísafjörður, north-western Iceland. For more information about NAFA 2014, please visit:


34th NAFA Film Festival 2014

Nordic Anthropological Film Association (NAFA)


Film Screenings
4. June – 6. June, Isafjordur

Venue: Isafjardarbio cinema
Time: 14:00 – 23:00 (*Friday 11:00 – 20:30)

Seminar «Sharing a Common Story»
4. June – 6. June, Isafjordur

Venue: The University Center of the Westfjords
Time: 9:00 – 12:30 (*Friday 9:00-10:30)

International speakers

Establishing of a Peer reviewed online Journal of Anthropological Films (JAF)


Martin Gruber (Germany)

Pille Runnel (Estonia)

Catarina Alves-Costa (Portugal)

Andy Lawrence (UK)

Metje Postma (Netherlands)

Jouko Aaltonen (Finland)

Peter Ian Crawford (Denmark)

Bjørn Arntsen (Norway)

Jan Ketil Simonsen (Norway)

Frode Storaas (Norway)

Anthropologist working with film and filmmakers interested in anthropology will reflect on the possibility of a peer reviewed online Journal of Anthropological Films (JAF), a platform where we can post a whole film for review by colleagues.

The purposes are:

  1. publication (a film) in a peer reviewed Journal should qualify for academic recognition and points.
  2. JAF could be a forum to debate the genre of anthropological filmmaking on the terms of our academic discipline.

Scholars from several Universities in Europe have been invited to a workshop to discuss criteria for such a Journal. For instance, should a film published on JAF require a written text that relates the film to an anthropological issue, empirical or theoretical?  Should JAF be open for Work in Progress, and thus be a forum for comments to a process? Should it be called JEF (ethnographic) and not JAF, or a complete different name?

Thursday morning session will be allocated to short presentations of ideas from each representative. Friday morning session will be an open debate on a the possible future of JAF (or JEF). Many of the films selected for screening in the festival will be relevant for JAF, but not all. With JAF representatives present during the screenings we hope for lively and constructive discussions on anthropology and filmmaking.

Local speaker
We are also happy to have a local presentation:

Björg Sveinbjörnsdóttir  «Hljóðin í Eldhúsinu» (en. «Sounds from the Kitchen»)

Björg Sveinbjörnsdóttir will present her sound-poetry book “Hljóðin úr eldhúsinu“ (“Sounds from the Kitchen”), based on recordings from her grandmother Gudjóna Albertsdóttir from Sudureyri in Súgandafjord in the Westfjords of Iceland. Gudjóna recorded about 60 hours of sounds mostly from her own kitchen. The recordings include singing, dialogues, thoughts on daily matters and the occasional routine sounds such as phone calls and baking noises.

Registration Fee for festival & seminar attendance

For NAFA members & students: 80 EUR

For non-NAFA members: 120 EUR
*registration fee covers welcoming ceremony in Suðureyri+welcoming lunch, all coffee breaks and final dinner.

 Excursion to Patreksfjordur Skjaldborg Film Festival

7. June – 8. June, Patreksfjordur

Participation cost is approximately 150 EUR including transport, accommodation, lunch and dinner.

For any questions or enquiries, please contact the local organizers at

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