Image Operations

Berlin del 10 al 12 de abril

Some images intervene directly in the world and change it in far-reaching ways. As components of media practices, they generate events, impacting immediately and concretely on people and bodies. Image operations such as these are particularly striking in the case of war, terrorist attacks, and the political campaigns of NGOs – but also in medicine. The international conference Image Operations brings together leading scholars to discuss the constitutive role of images and their ethical implications. The conference is organised by Charlotte Klonk (Art History, Humboldt University) and Jens Eder (Media Studies, University of Mannheim), and carried out in cooperation with the ICI Berlin. Badakshi
Horst Bredekamp
Matthias Bruhn
Lisa Cartwright
Christian Christensen
James Elkins
Peter Geimer
Bishnupriya Ghosh
Isabella Graw
Sam Gregory
Zeynep Gürsel
Michael Hagner
Tom Holert
Hermann Kappelhoff
David Kaul
Thomas Keenan
Bettyann Kevles
Timothy Lenoir
Nicholas Mirzoeff
W.J.T. Mitchell
Marie-José Mondzain
Ben O’Loughlin
Trevor Paglen
Sven Stollfuß
Verena Straub


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