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 IMAGE. Journal of Interdisciplinary Image Science
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 Centre of Interdisciplinary Image Research (ZiB)
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The e-journal IMAGE. Journal of Interdisciplinary Image Science is designed to be an internationally appraised multi-lingual journal for interdisciplinary image research. The variety of disciplines covers all areas of research that are concerned with questions of visual representations. This also includes the discourse between accounts of a more reflexive, theoretical nature and those more practical in aim.IMAGE intends to promote interdisciplinary research and discourse within image science. It aims to encourage the establishment of an institutionalized general image science. In addition, it strives to encourage the creation of innovative structures in research and science.IMAGE is supported by the Centre of Interdisciplinary Image Research (ZiB) and – for assessing submitted papers – by a large active advisory board. It is published by Klaus Sachs-Hombach, Jörg R. J. Schirra, Stephan Schwan and Hans Jürgen Wulff in cooperation with the Herbert von Halem publishing house.

IMAGE focuses on methodologically reflective papers that aim to develop an interdisciplinary approach to image science. Initially, contributions will appear at irregular intervals, partly collected in thematically organized volumes. Publication will be announced via the mailing list of the Virtual Institute for Image Science (VIB).

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